Today I attended Breakthrough RM 20 Million Ceiling Workshop by Ms Jane Lim Swee Cheng. She was the CHAMPION Personal Producer 2018 with personal sales of RM 24 million. 

20 Years Journey

She joined Public Mutual as unit trust agent in 1999 just to replace her tuition income. She was a teacher back then. Never cross in her mind that someday she will be crowned as the Champion among 30 thousand agents nationwide.

First year 1999 total sales 393k personal sales and averaging one million plus for several years as a part time.

2008 – 2012 averaging 4-5M personal sales.

2015 break 10M personal sales

And 2018 breakthrough 24M personal sales!!! (retail customer cash sales 19M)

Carrier Benefit RM 3 in one of the month in 1999 and in year 2018 total CB was RM 285,793!

Change focus to cash sales rather than EPF sales.

Change in mindset. We like to stay in comfort zone. i.e EPF sales.

Do same routine will get same thing. Every 3 month ask for thumbprint. Do over and over again. Too comfort. Get same results.

All champion personal sales producer come from cash sales. Not so much on EPF sales. Change focus to cash sales bring big results.


Ask yourself when you want to achieve thus target

1 Million

5 Millions

10 Millions

20 Millions

If you strength is in EPF sales, you will be threaten by change rules in EPF.

The opportunity is in cash. A lot of cash out there.


Continuous improvement is too slow. You need breakthrough from time to time. Breakthrough every 3-4 years where there is clear jump in results.

From 1 million to 3 million, what is your strategy? Same routine same results.

  1. Find more client
  2. Increase sales per clients.

Client relationship build over time. Help client to make money. Client will trust you with more money.

Comparison between EPF and Cash Sales.


  1. Basic saving keep changing
  2. High epf dividend rate than unit trust
  3. Rules and regulations very strict
  4. New DIY i-invest scheme

Cash sales

  1. Low FD rate
  2. More fund and market to invest in
  3. Bigger market and bigger amount.

It is a time to increase CASH sales!

Breakthrough 20 Millions Sales Champion
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