Islamic money market fund is a sensible way to earn monthly passive income with no risk and shariah compliance as well.

The photo shows monthly profit/distribution was reinvested back into the fund.

I have few clients who invest in money market fund and here are four benefits that they enjoyed.

# 1 Tax Exemption on Profit Earn

Profit or interest earned from money market funds is tax-exempt. While dividends or interest from fix deposit will be subject to 25% tax.

#2 No Charge For Premature Withdrawal

If they invest in FD for example, no interest shall be paid on any immediate premature (Without Notice Period) FD that has not completed its respective full tenure period without prior 31 days notice.

Notice after 31 days, the interest will be slash by 50%.

If my clients invest in the money market they will earn interest or profit at the current market rate, even the placement is just overnight.

#3 Easy to Cash Out

It only takes two days to be deposited into my clients’ saving account. The amount that can be withdrawn is up to them. Whether full or partial withdrawal.

The capital that they left in the fund, will keep generating money for them.

#4 Free PA Takaful Up To RM 100,000

Every cent in money market fund, my client entitled 1 cent of free PA takaful up to RM 100,000.

Meaning on top of whatever amount of money they have in the fund, their beneficiary will get paid an equal amount of money up to RM 100,000 in case of accidental death or permanent disability due to accident.

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4 Benefits Saving in Islamic Money Market
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