We offers more than 35 job vacancies as Public Mutual unit trust agent anywhere in Malaysia. If you need side income or looking for a part time job, Public Mutual could be the place for you.

IMMEDIATE VACANCY: Malaysian aged 21 years old and above who wants to generate a side income between RM 900 to RM 3000 every month!

Assalamulaikum w.b.t.

My name is Elias Abllah, the founder of Saff Associates Agency, a group under Public Mutual, the Number 1 unit trust company in Malaysia.

My aim is to help more Malaysians between the ages of 25-40 years old to achieve financial freedom. InsyaAllah with the right method and knowledge, financial freedom can be achieved in five to ten years earlier

Imagine now you are enjoying an income that you never imagined possible, working at your own time, and spending more time with the kids.

And you can achieve this without forking up thousands of ringgit to start, borrowing from families or friends. With only a small capital, you won’t be losing thousands of ringgit or end up with a debt in the end.

What do you really want?

To pay all your credit card debt within a year?

To pay the down-payment for your house yourself?

To travel overseas?

I am sure you would want to do one or two or all of these, else you would not be reading this, right?

NOW, listen carefully to what I will say next. Because it might change your fate and your family’s.

I will show how you can get commissions and within six months you can generate passive income consistently every month.

You can get all these by working part time for three hours a day without affecting your regular day job. In addition, you don’t even need a big capital to start your career as a unit trust agent. 

You can start from wherever you are and with whatever you have now. There is no need to fork up additional capital to start as a part-time agent for public mutual.

For example, if you want to start a night market business, surely you would need to buy necessary stock and equipment for the business. You might even need to buy a van to transport everything. 

But as a Public Mutual agent, wearing the same office attire, you can work directly right after your regular office hour or during lunch break.

BELIEVE ME, I want to help you change your life.

This is the story of Zaimey. Two years ago, he felt like his life has no direction. He woke up early at 5.30 am, after Subuh prayer he started driving and everyday he had to go through heavy traffic even though he already woke up early. Sometimes he had to pray Subuh on the road.

At 5 pm on the dot, he would start driving back and again going through the same heavy traffic. More than a few times he had to “buka puasa” just by drinking mineral water in the car because he did not make it home before Maghrib.

When his kid was unwell, either Zaimey or his wife had to apply for emergency leave to take care of the little one. Even though he was allowed to take the leave, he would have to endure being teased by the boss and made fun of by the colleagues the next day.

Zaimey just kept quiet but only God knows how he felt deep down inside.

Zaimey did all this only for a RM300 yearly raise. If divided by twelve working months, its only RM25 per month. And if this RM25 were then divided with 25 working days, its only RM1 a day.

It was just so sad. Thinking about it, it felt like he has very little value to the employer. It didn’t feel worth it, plus his kid was growing up and things are getting more expensive, but the salary increase was not enough to cover the increase in living expenses

All this SOUNDS too FAMILIAR? Let’s change it!

One day, Zaimey’s unit trust agent called him to meet up. Every time they meet, which happens every three month, Zaimey would thumbprint his EPF member investment form.

His unit trust agent used to work as a university lecturer and has the experience and background in oil and gas.

But in the end he had resigned and became a full time agent for Public Mutual since two years ago.

When asked why wouldn’t he want to work in the lucrative oil and gas industry, his agent said,

“I like it better working like this. I have time for my family and Alhamdulillah the income is about the same as what I was earning as a lecturer in the past”

At the end of their meeting, Zaimey got a Hard Rock cafe fridge magnet from his agent who just got back from a holiday in Hong Kong, sponsored by Public Mutual.

Then, Zaimey started to think, why don’t he himself become an agent? The work as an agent seems easy enough, just getting the client’s thumbprint and you get commission. As if you’re stamping money itself!

Zaimey was also investing RM500 for his child’s education by automatic monthly bank transfer/standing instruction. Meaning, his unit trust agent still gets commission without having to do anything.

But his agent never offered him to become an agent! He could already see the opportunity. Plus, many of his friends also still did not know how to make their money grow through unit trust investment. Even his wife has not started investing.

Side Income OPPORTUNITY as Unit Trust Agent

Example of monthly income
Month 1 – RM 30,000 sales RM 825 commission
Month 2 – RM 50,000 sales RM 1,375 commission
Month 3 – RM 100,000 sales RM 2,750 commission
Month 4 – RM 150,000 sales RM 4,125 commission

Actually there is no limit to your income opportunity as a unit trust agent. You can keep on doing it and get a side income of more than five-figure.

This is only one type of the incomes. There are seven more income types when you become the leader of an agency.

  1. Carrier Benefit
  2. Overriding
  3. Year End Bonus
  4. Breakaway Bonus
  5. Appreciation Bonus
  6. Equalization Bonus
  7. Annual Performance Bonus

Your income will start to grow, keep growing and never stop. You may not believe it, but there are unit trust agents who could settle all their credit card debts in just six months.

Plus, you will have the chance to travel abroad with all the expenses paid, like to Vietnam, Bali, Australia, London and New York (based on your sales performance).

When the earning starts to exceed the income from their full time job, some can already quit their day job and bid farewell to the boss and colleagues.

Yes,  they are already free and you can be too!

How much capital needed for your freedom?

If you wanted to start a business, you would need to spend a sum of money at the beginning. Some examples of the start up capital for popular businesses

McDonald’s – RM 2 Million

Chatime – RM 700,000

Ayamas – RM 150,000

Nelson – RM 15,000

Even to sell sweet corn in a cup you would need a start up capital of RM 15,000.

How much then, to become a unit trust agent?

Before I tell you how much is the actual cost to become a unit trust agent with Public Mutual, let me first explain a few facts about Public Mutual.

FACT #1: There are more than three million account holders (individual/personal and corporate) in Public Mutual

This proves that Public Mutual is a popular brand in the private category of unit trust companies in Malaysia. It is very easy for your future clients to trust Public Mutual.

FACT #2 : Pioneer in private Unit Trust company in Malaysia with more than 40 years experience

Public Mutual has a very long experience in Malaysia’s investment field. Not many companies can stay on for more 40 years. You can put your trust in Public Mutual.

FACT #3: Public Mutual manages more than RM 70 billion investment fund

When you become a unit trust agent with Public Mutual, you are joining a billion ringgit financial industry.

Okay, so how much start up capital to become unit trust agent with Public Mutual?

Only RM 250

Call/WhatsApp 0127176903 Elias

Or, register here and I will contact you.


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